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Meglio Realty Group, LLC is an independently owned and operated Real Estate Office.
Member of Saint Louis Association of Realtors. Member of Saint Louis MARIS MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
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10700 Trenton Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63132
Office: 314-429-3900
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A Career in Real Estate? Are YOU Crazy?

Today is a really good time to be positioned to start a career in real estate, or to re-launch yourself back into your real estate career with a company that wants to help you! Meglio Realty Group might be the place for you! 

The real estate market has begun to turn upwards; and we are seeing an increase in sales and sales prices. It’s a great time to be positioned as a salesperson at a company that will help you succeed!  Homes aren’t worth what they were a few years ago in some areas, but that means there are great deals in the marketplace. Some people are underwater on their mortgages, and we are helping those that have financial difficulties and need to sell, to short sale their property. Helping people, that’s our business. A career in real estate is one where you wear many hats, helping people find a property, assisting them in getting their financing, and inspections, doing the legal contracts and getting them to closing, while all the time helping them meet their goals and desires. 

Not all real estate companies care about you.  Honestly, you are a number.  They bring on hundreds of agents in a year and 80 out of 100 leave the business in a year. Why? The agents either were never suited for the business, or they were poorly trained.  Perhaps they had expectations that were unrealistic. I want you to know the truth. Succeeding in real estate means you have to work. It’s not hard, back breaking work, but you have to use your brain, your skills, your people contacts, and you have to like talking with people. Are you honest, willing to learn, and ambitious? Do you like people?  A previous sales background is especially helpful, but we offer testing for qualified applicants to see if you have an aptitude for this type of sales. Wouldn’t you like to know before you spend any money and time in training if you had an ability to succeed in real estate sales? 

Interest rates are at all time lows, and are just beginning to rise making this the time that the buyers who have been waiting for the market to turn to begin flooding the market now and in the upcoming months! Everyone wants the best interest rates on their home, and they want to buy at the very lowest price, so now is the time real estate salespersons have been waiting for as the market begins its upward swing! We are seeing a great influx of buyers into the market to take advantage of this unique time in the real estate market.

If you’d like to have a career that allows you to make good money, and you would like to set your own hours, then a career in real estate might be right for you. A real estate career is not a job; it’s your own business. Agents are independent contractors, so you decide how to run your business, and what area of real estate you want to specialize in. You can control your income based on the amount of energy and time you have, your level of ambition, your creativity and your interests. Our agents don’t just sell homes, so you have options. 

We provide a broker on staff to help guide you through the legalities and special areas of the business, and we have marketing specialists available to make your listings get noticed online so that you can be making money quickly! 

Becoming a licensed real estate agent is challenging and you have to be proficient in your knowledge of the business, but you don’t have to have a college degree. You need the desire to succeed, the willingness to learn, and the energy and discipline to go out and create the business!  Training for your license can be done right here in St. Louis in a matter of months, but you will need continuing support and training, and that is where you need experienced people willing to show you the business.

Meglio Realty Group is a great place to be, and you will receive great support from our staff. I will personally take the time you need to show you how to meet your goals.
  We are here to help you be successful whether you are newly licensed and closing on your first deal or working on your 50th deal.

Experienced, wise, knowledgeable, and successful; traits of people you want to be affiliated with. 

If you can work with people creating win-win situations, this may be the career for you. I am the broker, Cheryl Meglio, and I am looking for 5-10 “go-getters” that would like to be a part of our team of winners.  Contact me today to see if Meglio Realty Group is a good fit for you. Our compensation package is designed individually for you!  www.MeglioRealtyGroup, or contact me at [email protected]. 314-429-3900 Office. Call me today for your private meeting.

Meglio Realty Group, LLC